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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Will the Phillies Sign Mark DeRosa? thinks so.

That the Phillies want him and that he'd be interested in the Phillies are the easy part. What the article doesn't ask or answer is "in what role?"

The Phillies have been looking for a supersub who can play many positions and not cause a dropoff in production. They would love not to have their regulars play 155 games a year and give them more meaningful rest. That would mean finding someone who could spell Raul Ibanez for 20 games, Jayson Werth for 15 (presumably, Werth or Ben Francisco could play center when Shane Victorino rests), Ryan Howard for 10 (against tough lefties), Chase Utley for 12. That's someone who can start for approximately 60 games and get about 300 plate appearances guaranteed.

The Phillies also are looking for a third baseman. If that person is DeRosa, then they're still looking for a supersub and might be even more in need of one because DeRosa will be coming off wrist surgery. If they can sign an Adrian Beltre or Placido Polanco too, they'll both have strengthened their bench and their starting lineup. And, with Beltre, I don't believe there would be a significant dropoff in the field from Pedro Feliz.

With DeRosa, the Phillies' offense will get tougher. With DeRosa, a starting third baseman and one more potent lefty bat off the bench, the offense could be as tough as it's ever been.

Stay tuned.


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