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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Doesn't Allen Iverson Realize He's Now Living Off the Fat of the League?

Poor Lionel Hollins. He has a well past his prime short shooting guard who doesn't really understand the purpose of passing or practice, and the guy is complaining about not starting.

His name: Allen Iverson.

If I were the Grizzlies, I'd trade him to the Iranian League.

Yes, AI plays hard, plays with passion, gives his all, but. . . and we all know the buts. He doesn't make his teammates better, his shooting percentage is low, he's not a good defender, and now he's in the twilight of his NBA career. He should be happy he's on a team where he can contribute, and while docile people don't make good soldiers, he should realize that he's more of a role player now than ever before. In other words, he should embrace his role and relish it.

But that's not AI. What made him great at times is that he didn't listen to naysayers. But the same thing makes him frustrating to coaches -- that he doesn't listen, because it would appear that he knows better and that coaches who don't see his brilliance have prevented and will prevent his teams from winning.

Enough already. The Grizzlies will either rectify this situation or let Allen Iverson go. And then AI might be left wondering when no team expresses an interest in his services any more.

I can hear the protests now. "Sixth man. There aren't any good players who play the role of sixth man."


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