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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

If You Would Have Told Me Before the Season . . (Phillies Musings)

that. . .

Brad Lidge would blow about 30% of his saves and have an ERA over 7.00; and

Brett Myers would miss most of the season; and

Jamie Moyer would lose his effectiveness; and

J.C. Romero would get suspended and contribute almost nothing to the team; and

All members of the bullpen save Ryan Madson would spend time on the disabled list; and

Carlos Ruiz would only get 322 at-bats; and

Raul Ibanez would get hurt mid-year and not be nearly as effective as he was before the injury; and

the Phillies bench would produce very little; and

Eric Bruntlett would hit so far below the Mendoza Line as to require a search party of miners to look for his batting average; and

Matt Stairs would have a huge oh-fer as a pinch hitter during the season and hit for very little power; and

the Phillies would make it to (at least) Game 6 of the World Series. . .

I would have signed up for that result in a heartbeat.

So now the Phillies find themselves about 2 1/2 hours away from Game 6, in a classic match-up between Andy Pettitte, the leader in all-time post-season wins and Pedro Martinez, a future Hall of Famer. The Phillies and Yankees are both known for their comebacks. The Phillies were baseball's best road team; the Yankees baseball's best home team.

Anything can happen. Let's hope that both teams provide great theater tonight.


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