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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Stanford Beats #7 Oregon

This a week after Mike Greenberg of ESPN Radio offered that he thought that the Ducks were one of the best teams in the country. The truth of the matter is that Stanford's head coach Jim Harbaugh (whose brother, John, coaches the Baltimore Ravens) is one of the best college coaches in the country. The Sporting News predicted at the outset of the season that he's the Pac-10 coach most likely not to return -- because an NFL team might scoop him up.

For all those teams intersted in Mike Holmgren, Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan and Jon Gruden, remember this -- there are almost no second acts in the NFL (with the exception of Don Shula). Even the much-lauded Bill Parcells couldn't win the Super Bowl anywhere else after leaving the New York Giants. George Seifert bombed in Carolina. Joe Gibbs couldn't re-kindle the magic after his return to the Redskins. Jimmy Johnson didn't win the Super Bowl in Miami. And so forth.

Look, Duke didn't know it was hiring one of the best college coaches of all time when it hired Coach K in 1980. After all, in 7 seasons at Army he had won only one more game than he had lost. If an NFL team were to apply similar logic, it might look to the next great one before hiring for someone looking to win a Super Bowl with a second team. It just hasn't happened much, and I think that a team with an opening would be wise to look at Jim Harbaugh.


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