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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Princeton 71 Central Michigan 68

Last year, the Princeton Tigers hosted Central Michigan in the season opener at Jadwin Gym and lost a close one. Yet, for Tiger fans, that game gave them hope that Coach Sydney Johnson had the team playing with a vigor that it hadn't for several seasons. While the Tigers didn't win the Ivy League or get a post-season berth, they enjoyed a winning season and finished second in the Ivies.

This year, the Tigers traveled to Central Michigan, had the lead late, lost it, and then rallied to prevail. You can read about the game here and check out the box score. Okay, so it's not as a remarkable an accomplishment as Princeton's neighbor to the south, Rider, enjoyed this week, as the Broncos upset #18 Mississippi State in Starkville, or the win that Ivy rival and favorite Cornell had, beating Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Nonetheless, the Tigers beat a decent opponent on the road, showing that the nucleus of players that meshed last season is trying to step up their game this year. And for close Tiger watchers, it looks like two freshmen -- Ian Hummer and Will Barrett, both touted recruits, are in the rotation.

As always, for the best coverage of Princeton basketball, go to the Princeton Basketball blog. Great stuff there from Jon Solomon, so please check it out.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Princeton didn't have a winning season last year (W13-L14), but did have a winning Ivy League record (W8-L6). Still, the point is valid -- that last year marked a welcome turnaround from the dismal Joe Scott era. In retrospect, Joe, a knowledgeable coach, was not the right choice for Princeton when JT III moved on. He inherited a talented veteran squad and tried to immediately recast it to his system rather than adapting to his veteran personnel. I think that Joe is best when he is building/rebuilding a program in distress where he can start with his own personnel who fit his program and personality.

On the other hand, Sidney Johnson seems to be the perfect choice for the type of player attracted to Princeton. His players appear to like and respect him and, as importantly, he treats his players with respect. It is a relief to see a coach who does not feel it necessary to scream at his players or have temper tantrums on the sideline.

Good things lie ahead for Princeton as long as it can retain a class coach like Sidney Johnson.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solid win in Mt. Pleasant. Nice composed finish by Douglas Davis.

Considering the cupcake nature of their opposition, the Tigers ought to be able to go 10-3 in their non-league schedule. Twenty wins this season is not out of the question.

Does anyone know what happened to Patrick Saunders and Kareem Maddox?

11:40 PM  

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