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Friday, November 06, 2009

Former Trail Blazer and Yale Bulldog Chris Dudley to Run for Governor of Oregon

Here's the AP story.

While the incumbent Democrat is favored to win reelection and with Oregon having trended blue more recently, the Republican frontrunner faces an uphill battle. But local observers say that the 44 year-old investment manager would put a new face on Republican politics in Oregon and give the Republicans a good chance.

Given what happened Tuesday in the bluest of the blue states, New Jersey, and, also, in Virginia, where independents returned in large numbers to the GOP, I don't think that many Democrats will now think their seats are as safe as they were in November of 2008. As a result, Dudley probably will have more than a puncher's chance.

On a different note, former UNLV point guard Danny Tarkanian is priming for a challenge to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. As a lightning rod for national politics, Reid is seen as vulnerable to a challenge. Tarkanian is the son of former Fresno State, UNLV and Long Beach State coach Jerry Tarkanian.


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