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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Temple is Bowl Eligible!

For the first time since 1990, Temple will not have a losing season.

And it looks like the Owls could go to a bowl game for the first time since 1979.

The Owls beat Navy at Navy on a late score, 27-24, to give them their sixth victory of the season. They've won six in a row after losing to Villanova and Penn State in their first two games.

Read here for the entire story.

Okay, so the Owls aren't the Phillies, aren't the Eagles, aren't Penn State and have trouble drawing attention to themselves in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a pro football town now (that wasn't always the case; Penn, until the mid-1950's or so, played big-time football and routinely put about 70,000 people into Franklin Field), and if there is a college football allegiance, it's to Penn State. All of that background underscores the significance of Al Golden's success at Temple. Somehow, some way, he's re-built a program that was in bad shape -- methodically and with great attention to detail.

This is a great story -- for the Temple football program and for Al Golden and his coaching staff.

The Owls still have several games to play, and the more games they win the better the chance they'll have to get a bowl invitation. Their next 2 games -- against Miami (Ohio) and Akron -- should be wins, as those two teams have two wins between them. They then end Kent State and Ohio, and both of those schools are having good seasons. Win out and the team finishes 10-2 and should guarantee itself a bowl invitation. Going 3-1 also should do the trick.

Again, a great, great story.

Al Golden and his Owls are having a great season so far.


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