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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Temple Wins Its Eighth in a Row!

Temple's football team trounced Akron in Akron last night to win its eighth straight game, the first time the Owls have won eight straight since 1973 (and I think I was at every home game that season). This is a great story -- an amazing turnaround, so much so that head coach Al Golden had a feature written about him in this week's Sports Illustrated.

Whether or not the Owls' 8 wins will garner them enough respect to earn a bowl invitation remains to be seen. After all, this outstanding achievement only got the 11th priority headline in the on-line version of the sports section of the Philadelphia Daily News, behind stories about the woeful 76ers and LeBron James' suggestion that all teams should retire Michael Jordan's #23. Sure, the combined record of the teams the Owls have beaten is below .500, but as players are wont to say, "you play who you play," you have no control over that, and the Owls are 6-0 in their division within the Mid-American Conference. This is a great story.

Temple has two games left -- it would be hard to see the Owls not getting a bowl bid if they finish the regular season 10-2.


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