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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let the Speculation About Al Golden Begin

Virginia fired its head football coach, Al Groh, after a 3-9 season.

Temple coach Al Groh is enjoying a 9-3 season thus far, has turned around what was a miserable program in 3 years, was a prime target of UCLA after last season, and is one of the hottest young coaches out there.

He also had been UVA's defensive coordinator before moving to Temple. Unless UVA is primed to hire either a) a big-name coach (and hope he has a successful second act) or b) a coordinator at a big-name program, Golden makes all the sense in the world for UVA. He's been nothing short of masterful since going to Temple.

Let the speculation begin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Golden has been allowed to do a better job at Temple than the previous staff situation. However, if you go inside the numbers. Temple's success is more a function of its downsized schedule (SOS 118 per CBS Sports vs. an average SOS in the 50's during the BE days) and Outsized budget (largest in the MAC).

6:13 PM  

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