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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Should Michael Jordan's Son Be Bigger Than the University of Central Florida Athletic Program?

Apparently he thinks so.

But adidas has the last word.

I get the fact that Marcus Jordan has an affinity for Nike sneakers because of his father's affiliation with the shoe company. But, by the same token, Marcus opted to join a college basketball program that had adidas as a sponsor. The last time I (perhaps naively) checked, no player should be bigger than a school or its contractual commitment. It's a shame that young Jordan couldn't see fit to honor his school's commitment and wear adidas, which has cancelled its sponsorship.

Who does he think he is, his father? Sure, he's a DI player, but UCF isn't Carolina and he isn't an all-American. So why should he get to act differently?

UCF should have stopped this before it became a national story. And while it would appear that Marcus Jordan thinks he took a stand, he looks to the outside world as an entitled young man who doesn't think that the rules apply to him.

And let's see if they do -- when he takes off from the foul line in a game, will the officials call traveling?


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