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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Baseball Hot Stove Talk from SI's Jon Heyman

Good stuff on

a) who might get Roy Halladay;

b) whether and when Mark McGwire might come clean; and

c) which teams are looking to trade players.

I have a hard time believing that the Phillies would seriously consider trading for Brandon Inge, who is only a few years younger than Pedro Feliz and has a bad on-base percentage (according to, a career .305). The Phillies need someone who can hit consistently, field the position reasonably well and have an OBP closer to .350 than .300. Placido Polanco would seem to fit the bill, but he's a Type A free agent who would cost the Phillies their first-round draft pick. And given the Phils' sudden and unprecedented run of success with first-round picks, it's hard to believe that they'd be willing to part with one for Polanco.

Keep on following Jon Heyman on He's worth the time.


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