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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wake Up the Echoes (Really)

Bill Curry writes on that Notre Dame is enjoying yet another outstanding recruiting class, one that's ranked 7th in the country by Scouts Inc. We'll know more later, as the results from national signing day begin to pile in.

It's amazing, though, that Notre Dame is faring so well after an awful season that left even Charlie Weis loyalists wondering what was going on in South Bend.

Naturally, this is a great sign for Notre Dame, because regardless of the coaching, you can't win without the talent. So, if the talent is there, now it's time for the Notre Dame coaching staff to show its talent in shaping a winning college football team that can contend for the BCS Championship.

Because that's what the school fathers (pun intended) in South Bend paid Charlie Weis the big bucks to do.


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