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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Name for "The Play" in Super Bowl XLII

I've read a bunch of things, and the guys on WFAN have tried to come up with a name for a play that should honor two people -- the quarterback who eluded two defensive linemen who were about to sack him, and the wide receiver who outcaught Lynn Swann or Dwight Clark in the history books and caught the ball on his head (as compared to a star NHL goalie in the playoffs, about whom it has been said, "stands on his head.")

At any rate, I saw a headline on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and I think that they should use the header to describe the play: The "Hail Manning." Why? Because the name honors the cool of Eli Manning, both during his career and during the final drive, and it describes the type of pass it was -- a bit of a prayer, which David Tyree turned into a miraculous catch. I haven't heard anything better to date, so the "Hail Manning" it is for me.


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