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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ed Snider is Right

And I don't agree with him much.

More people should be going to the 76ers' games. They've won 5 in a row, they're tied for 7th for the Eastern Conference's playoffs, they are fun to watch, they play well together and involve all five players on offense, and Mo Cheeks is doing a great job. Okay, so Snider didn't go so far to praise his team's coach, but it's true, and GM Ed Stefanski would be unwise to jettison a local hero for an old buddy just because he can.

The team plays hard, the team looks like it's having fun, and, yes, the team is playing like it is playing hard in practice. Long gone are the days of a barely 6' tall guard going 1 on 5 against the other team, passing as a last resort. True, the local team doesn't have enough talent for elite status, but they clearly are headed in the right direction.


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