Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bob Knight to Return to Indiana?

If Kelvin Sampson keeps this stuff up, who knows?

Stranger things have happened, haven't they?

And it's probably a safer bet that Knight would return to Bloomington than former IU president Myles Brand, who now heads up the NCAA.

Isn't the irony rich? Brand forced Knight out because he didn't play well with others (Knight's ethics, in case you don't know, are above reproach, and his graduation rate was at the top of the charts). Now his organization is going to discipline his former school regarding a successor to Knight who, while perhaps more mellow, doesn't share in Knight's ethics. (In fairness to Brand, Kelvin Sampson wasn't hired on his watch). Go figure.

So, could this leave the door open for a return for Coach Knight? Would he want to go back? And who would want to walk into a sanctioned situation? Wouldn't a just NCAA remedy be that Indiana has a choice -- go on probation for several years, lose scholarships and TV money, etc., or hire a coach whose ethics are beyond reproach -- Bob Knight? Then again, I think that when Coach Knight bolted for Lubbock not only did he burn bridges with Indiana's administration, he also did so with its board of trustees (many of whom presumably are still there).

Remember, Coach Knight resigned from Texas Tech. He didn't retire.

So the possibility remains. . .


goffchile said...

I am sure there will be a clamor for it, but I seriously doubt it. Although I did hear some discussion that Knight could end up in the booth. That would be a sight to see, Bobby Knight throwing a chair at a camera man for cutting away too early.

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