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Monday, February 18, 2008

Sign of the Times

I work out regularly in my basement, using a Greg LeMond spin bike and medicine balls. Today, I added a new feature to my regimen, and at breakfast the conversation with my eight year-old son went like this (my wife and daughter were also there).

Dad: Guys, I used something new in my workout today. Can you guess what it was?

Son (with twinkle-eyed smile on his face): HGH?

The rest of the table responded with hearty guffaws.

No, it was a heart strap, one where you run the electrodes under water and then you strap it around your midsection so that the monitor can pick up your heart rate while you're cycling. The kids apparently use these in gym class (not for cycling, but for regular calisthenics), and I thought they'd remember that I had picked one up and intended to use it.

My son had watched SportsCenter this morning, and one of the lead stories was another piece on the tale of Andy Petitte's procurement and use of HGH. Thankfully, we've talked with the kids about the perils of using drugs, so my son's comment was meant to be amusing (one look at my physique and an observer can tell that it is not steroids- or HGH-enhanced). Still, though, it's amazing what kids can pick up while watching programs about what are supposed to be our games and pastimes.

And, at the same time, it's sad that they've had to lose their innocence so early.


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