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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Must Read: College Hoops by Dick Jerardi

Jerardi writes for The Philadelphia Daily News, and he's a first-rate basketball writer. Click here for an example of his recent work. The lead part of the article -- about tracking how many games college officials work -- is not to be missed. (Can you imagine that one ref has worked 88 games this year already?). Very good stuff.


Blogger Helen said...

Similar questions are asked on the women's side -- but consider the reality of the position. The most popular refs (not saying best) might have a schedule that looks like this:

5:00 at hotel - arrive at arena 5:30-6:00 for a 7:00 game.

9/9:30 game is over (depending college/pro). Head ref submits game report. DVD of game is given to all three refs.

10:15 at hotel.

Next morning, 5am wakeup call, out to airport. While waiting in airport, use your laptop to review last nights game and/or supervisor's comments.

Flight takes off/land. Go to hotel and nap.

eventually lunch/dinner happen. 5:30 you ponder going to arena.

As pros, they're responsible for taking care of themselves and being ready for a game. I've had supervisors say that coaches will say, "I'd rather have Jane Doe (good ref) on her 6th game in a row than John Doe (a ref they don't like)....

As for tracking -- coordinators already do this -- they look for tendencies and consistency. Does this crew/person call a lot of travels... why? are they legit? etc. if a conversation is needed, it will happen....

etc. etc.

If you interested, three articles on the subject:

The Art of Officiating

The Relationship tween coaches and officials

Training and recruiting officials

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