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Monday, February 04, 2008

Remember the Tigers!

Princeton men's hoops fans must be downright giddy that the Tigers are 2-0 in league play, having dispatched Dartmouth and Harvard (the latter somewhat easily) in Jadwin Gym (Penn, meanwhile, beat those same schools, both by close margins, and Cornell, the favorite, is 3-0 in league play). While time will tell how the Tigers will fare in league play, the history books already have been written on one of the greatest Tiger teams of all-time, the 1997-1998 team that went 27-2, was ranked as high as 8th in the country, and lost only to North Carolina and Michigan State. Click here to read Jerry Price's excellent article on that team and then take a moment to reflect on how hard it really is to get five outstanding players to play well together and achieve a level of success that this particular team did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I know you love those lofty halcyon era dreams, and we appreciate you for it. But my sense is that both Penn (especially) and Princeton were lucky to be on their home courts and win.

Yale, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, and maybe Harvard and Dartmouth at home seem capably of winning over the old dynasties.

Will Princeton or Penn ever again assemble a team like the one you describe? The kind that went to the Four Four or had other heroics just short of that? Seems unlikely under the Ivy agreement...and it's not that the programs have gotten so bad... it's that everyone else is getting so much better.


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