Friday, February 29, 2008

The Eagles Release Mike Mamula

Oops, I meant Jevon Kearse.

Okay, diehard Eagles fans, was there really a difference between the two?

One was an overhyped draft pick, perhaps one of the most overhyped draft picks in the past 25 years.

The other was an overhyped free agent. When the Eagles signed him, there was a huge buzz because of Kearse's physical gifts, but the signing reflected a triumph of hope over experience because of Kearse's history of injuries. The bottom line was that he never dominated the way the team expected him too, and by the end of his career he was a big name who wasn't able to deliver.

The question is, who was the bigger disappointment?

Mike Mamula or Jevon Kearse?

Check out the numbers of both (and with Kearse, his Philadelphia numbers only so as to make an apples-to-apples comparison) and you might be surprised. Either Mamula wasn't actually that bad, or Kearse wasn't all that good.

Or both weren't really that good.

Yet, Mamula's name gets lumped with those of the Edsel, "Ishtar" and the Titanic, whereas Kearse's name, as least while with the Eagles, doesn't. Yet, he probably belongs in a grouping with the likes of bad free-agent signings or acquisitions of other local teams, to wit -- Von Hayes, Gregg Jefferies, Roman Gabriel, Adam Eaton, Chris Webber, and a whole host of other bad deals. The local faithful expected a lot from both Mamula and Kearse, and, in the end, neither delivered the goods.


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