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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Princeton Outrecruits Michigan, Oklahoma and Florida for a Fullback/Linebacker

The Princeton football staff is doing cartwheels over landing Greenwich (CT) H.S. fullback/linebacker Jonathan Meyers, who chose the Tigers over the schools I mentioned in the headline (his father played nosetackle for Florida in the early 1980's, and the Gators supposedly were in the hunt, too).

This is a pretty amazing story given how much attention is paid to top-drawer athletes, and the linked article also says that Meyers is a first-rate lacrosse player who wants to play for legendary lacrosse coach Bill Tierney in addition to football coach Roger Hughes. Kudos to's Andy Staples for an excellent article and to Princeton's defensive coordinator, Steve Verbit, for his role in recruiting Meyers and not giving up.

We've all heard stories about the Ivies' flirtations with big-time recruits, and usually the Ivies lose -- for a variety of reasons, such as the cost, the competition, the facilities. But Meyers is different -- his family is wealthy enough to afford the fully-loaded $47,000+ tuition, and he's mature enough to see the value of an overall college experience (because it says here that playing big-time Division I-A football is tantamount to having a full-time job).

Let's watch young Meyers over the next four seasons and see how he fares.

And, if you're a Tiger fan, let's hope that he can draw some other top-notch talent to Princeton.


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