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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How Tough Was (and Probably Still Is) Henry Milligan?

Hammerin' Hank, the Delaware Destroyer, is an old acquaintance of SportsProf's. He's a Princeton graduate (Class of 1981) and lettered in football (where he started at strong safety for a few years), wrestling (where he was an All-American) and baseball. After graduation, he pursued a career as a boxer and acquitted himself very well on the amateur circuit. He reached the semifinals in the U.S. Olympic trials in 1984, where he came upon a 17 year-old kid from New York who hit like a sledgehammer -- Mike Tyson. If you click here, you'll access a YouTube video from some of his bout with Tyson. Calling the action -- none other than the legendary Howard Cosell.

How tough was/is Henry Milligan?

About as much as he was/is nice.

Which was then and is now -- very.


Blogger Escort81 said...

Henry was a great guy to have on your softball team as well -- he played a bit for the Princeton Club of Philadelphia in the 1980s/1990s.

He is one of the truly outstanding multi-sport athletes to attend PU in the last generation or two. As a former teammate of his once said to me, "Hank has muscles on his muscles."

The one time I saw him fight at the Blue Horizon -- and we were at that time in our mid thirties -- he took out his much younger opponent fairly quickly. I am not sure why he wanted to get into the ring at that point, but he had fun.

I would want Henry with me if I went around the mean streets of any city -- not because he would out-tough any criminals, but because he would be able to joke around with anyone who approached us with unknown intent!

7:18 PM  
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