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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Study Confirms the Obvious: Recruited Athletes Are Much More Likely to Get Into College than the Average Applicant

Someone actually studied this to confirm what most of us have known for and discussed for years.

What would be more interesting would be to get data on the money that schools spend on recruiting -- whether donated by boosters or put up by the universities themselves -- and, also, the monies spent on those student-athletes while they're on campus and how those students fare academically on campus (including whether they specialize in "joke" majors). All of this data would demonstrate which schools really care about their student-athletes and which ones don't.

Some policy wonks out there would argue that this money is especially wasted given a) that America's high school students match up poorly against the rest of the developed world's and b) that given the limit on H1-B visas, the best talent from China and India is not going to come to America any more and help us continue to lead the way in the world's economic development. At the same time, they'll also make sure that they get to homecoming and cheer when their team beat's Yale's. Or North Carolina's.


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