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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mark Titus, Blogger

Titus, who was recruited to hoop for Harvard, rides the bench as a walk-on for Ohio State. He also blogs here, and both this article and the blog are pretty amusing.

The guy who coached basketball at my high school said that it would be nice to coach smart players. Well, Thad Matta agrees, obviously, but to a point. A team full of players like Mark Titus is more likely to make him the former coach of Ohio State, but having one around adds to the team's spirit, flavor, levity and cumulative grade point average.

There are players on rosters all over the country who had feelers from the Ivies or were actively recruited by them. There are virtually no players on Ivy hoop rosters who turned down scholarships to big-time hoops schools. Perhaps that happened three decades ago, but it doesn't seem to happen now.


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