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Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Search for Princeton's Football Coach is On

And seemingly moving fast, according to this article in The Daily Princetonian.

Among the candidates:

Jason Garrett, Class of '89, the offensive coordinator for the Cowboys (longshot)

Bob Surace, Class of '90, an assistant coach with the Bengals for the past 8 years (somewhat of a long shot)

Mike Bajakian, the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Central Michigan, who's a '96 graduate of Williams College and a New Jersey native (interesting candidate; medium shot)

Joe Susan, Rutgers' tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator, who once coached Davidson to an undefeated season and who was offensive coordinator at Princeton in most of the 1990's (leader in the clubhouse so far).

Stay tuned -- it will be interesting to see who AD Gary Walters hires for this position.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posters on the Ivy Sports Board have also floated the name of Chuck Priore, HC at Stony Brook, former HC at Trinity and OC at Penn during the 90s. Don't know if he is interested or on Walters' list, however.

9:27 AM  

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