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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Miss the Penn-Princeton Men's Basketball Rivalry

So, I suppose if I were to have a bunch of sports-related wishes granted by Santa, I'd ask that he re-kindle this rivalry to the fever pitch that it enjoyed from the mid-1970's say through 2000 or so. After all, Cornell and Harvard are interlopers, hockey schools, for God's sake.

It is a bit ironic that two former basketball greats -- Steve Bilsky at Penn and Gary Walters at Princeton, are their school's Athletic Directors and struggling with restoring their programs to glory. In Bilsky's case, he's only been dealing with a two-year negative trend, as Fran Dunphy didn't leave that long ago. Walters is still trying to help Princeton recover from more than half a decade of relative misery. The Tigers have shown signs of improving, but they're not where they once were -- at the top of the standings.

So, here's to hoping that the next decade is better for this rivalry.


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