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Sunday, December 06, 2009

One Point from Chaos

And in this case, chaos would have been a good thing.

Texas, whose clock management skills left something to be desired last night, eked out a 1-point victory over Nebraska in the Big 12 title game. That win all but guarantees the Longhorns a spot in the national title game against Alabama, which thrashed Florida, in January.

Meanwhile, TCU, Boise State and Cincinnati all finished with undefeated seasons. So, assume for a moment that a) Texas lost to Nebraska or tied the Cornhuskers or, alternatively, b) that those who vote in polls that the BCS takes into account decide that Texas's body of work over the past month or so hasn't been good enough to keep the Longhorns ahead of the three schools I just mentioned.

Then what?

I have nothing against Texas, but the whole outlook of the BCS perplexes at best and infuriates at worst. It would have been fun, as a fan, to see the powers that be in college football deal with a Texas defeat. It would be easy to imagine infuriating everyone -- including the United States Congress (which surprisingly cares, even as the national debt mounts). I have not researched the situation in great detail, but after watching "Sports Center" this morning, it seems that Cincinnati can make a great argument that it's had as good a year as Texas has enjoyed.

Let the arguments begin!


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