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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Article on Urban Meyer in SI

Thankfully, Sports Illustrated doesn't praise to the high heavens everyone it covers. In the current issue ("Sportsman of the Year"), there's a good, balanced piece on Florida's Urban Meyer. It's worthy of a read, because the article points out how Meyer got to where he is, how he's evolved as a coach, and what he's like.

And it's not all sweetness and light.

But then again, some who are very accomplished don't always win the Rotarian of the Year Award. That doesn't make the Rotarians of the Year nice pushovers who can't make a living, and it doesn't make the very accomplished evildoers without a life. But life is a series of choices and compromises, and Urban Meyer is revealed to be as human as everyone else.

And the SI jinx reared its head again, with Alabama's beating Meyer's Florida Gators handily to win the SEC Championship last night.


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