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Sunday, December 06, 2009

The New York Times Spends About 3,000 Words on a 5'9" Future DIII Guard

As only the New York Times can do.

Skim the article and ask "why was this story written?" The kid seems nice, and, yes, he did transfer from a very academic private school to one that has a much better basketball program. He lives on the Upper West Side, has 2 siblings and lives in an apartment large enough that the extra bedroom has a ping-pong table in it. Okay, so he's a son of privilege.

But where is the story?

With the Jets struggling to make the playoffs, the Giants faltering, the Knicks and Nets awful and few caring about ice hockey, there are plenty of pages to fill in the NYT. So not compelling was this story, by the way, that it didn't appear in the sports section.

C'mon, NYT, you guys think that you cover stories that others miss and operate at a higher level than everyone else. No disrespect to a kid who seems to be nice, hard-working and earnest, but there's not much to the story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading the NYT article, I share your mild surprise that the piece was written at all, but I have no doubt that Len's father Cliff Chenfeld "arranged" to have somebody at The Times find an interest in his son.

6:45 PM  

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