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Friday, December 25, 2009

Baseball America's Top 20 Prospects

Are listed right here.

Good news for Phillies fans -- the guy whom you refused to give up is #13.

Other news for Phillies fans -- the guy you gave up for Roy Halladay is #16, and two guys you probably tried to pry away from the Mariners in the Lee trade are #s 3 and 19. Additionally, the Indians' #1 catching prospect is #11, which means that the catcher you traded to Cleveland in the first Lee deal is a placeholder in 2010 until this guy arrives. For what it's worth.

Good reading. If you're a Giants' fan, a Mariners' fan or a Rangers' fan you should be happy. Each team has 2 prospects in this Top 20.


Blogger Wes M. said...

Actually the M's only have Ackley, not 2 picks.

10:50 AM  

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