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Monday, December 28, 2009

English Premiership Team of the Decade

From Soccernet.

Lots of good players to choose from, and it's hard to argue all that much with these choices, especially if you're operating under the theory that "they had to pick someone."

I read recently in the book "Made to Stick" that people are better able to make choices if you offer them fewer alternatives. Put differently, "paralysis by analysis" could set in if the menu is too vast. That said, the selectors did a fine job when you consider how many players they had to choose from. Read the linked article and then decide for yourself what changes, if any, you would have made to this list.


Blogger Qwertyman said...

A good idea and assume you mean only English players so Giggs would be out. Tricky one though with Adams, Ferdinand, Terry et al. Up front would probably be Shearer and Rooney but who would/could play on the left and is English? England have had that problem for the last 20 years with even bookmakers putting odds on whether there would be one born at some point!

11:59 AM  

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