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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Shouldn't Flozell Adams Be Suspended for the Year?

He gave out two cheap shots early in the season and got fined.

He started a brawl on Sunday against the Giants. If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is walking the talk about fair play, he'll suspend Cowboys' tackle Flozell Adams for the year.

Won't he?

It makes sense, even in the face of a chorus of doubts from current and former players about rules that make it all but impossible (in their minds) to tackle a quarterback. Still, how does the league hold a player accountable if it doesn't give Adams a long suspension? And, if it doesn't, could teams make this type of a cheap shot part of their game plan? Hit the quarterback late, we'll pay you the $50,000 fine back under the table, but if you knock the opposing team's QB out of the game, it will have been worth it.

So, what will the commissioner do?


Blogger Michael said...

All you need to know about the NFL is Ocho Cinco gets fined 30K for wearing a Sombrero and Ray Lewis gets 25K for spearing Ocho Cinco.

10:54 AM  

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