Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who Will Met Fans Root for in a Phillies-Yankees World Series?

My early returns say the Phillies.

I know that may seem hard to believe, but many Met fans feel that they get treated like second-class citizens in New York, that they're reduced to "cupboard under the stairs" status when compared to the caviar and single malt types who support the Yankees. They have a chip on their shoulder about it, and they keep grudges.

True, they do not like the Phillies. They probably unite with Yankee fans in their disrespect if not dislike for Philadelphia, which many in the Big Apple to be consider a violent, backwoods town whose sports citizenry cannot resist yielding to primal urges. Truth be told, they dislike the Philadelphia sports scene because what they see 90 miles to the south strongly resembles what they enjoy in their neck of the woods, with one exception -- their teams overall have been much more successful in the past 25 years than teams in Philadelphia.

Yet, they dislike the Yankees more (a few of my Met fans friends even have acknowledged that they admire the way the Phillies play, even if they finish the comment with "I still don't like Philadelphia teams."). Perhaps much more. It's as though the rivalry between the Met and Yankee fans resembles an old, long-lasting Pashtun vendetta that has lasted for centuries because of something one's ancestor allegedly did to another's in the Stone Age. And the think of it is, there's no one reason, there are many, and they all hit raw nerves.

I ask that Met fans weigh in on this musing, as talking to three people who happen to be Met fans is by no means a way to achieve a statistical sampling. So, who would you root for -- or would you sit it out and go follow the Giants or the Jets?


Anonymous said...

This life long Mets fan will be rooting for the Yankees, as painful as it may be.

One more championship for the Yankees isn't going to make them or their fans any more arrogant but if the Phillies were to win back-to-back championships it would be almost unbearable.

Have to go with rooting for the city here. Yankee fans are cocky but Philly fans are THE WORST.

SportsProf said...

And you Met fans are pearls stuck in the midst of the polluted oyster fields that are Yankee Stadium and Citizens Bank Park, is that it?

neil said...

Any Met fan that roots for the scum of the earth Yankees should be banned from CitiField for life!