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Monday, October 19, 2009

Headline: Washington Redskins Sue Season Ticket Holders

Shouldn't it be the other way around? Read this article from the Washington Post for more details.

The team is playing so badly that they just stripped the head coach of the responsibility of calling plays. Fair enough, but the guy they replaced him with only two weeks ago was calling bingo games and delivering meals to senior citizens. True, he has NFL bona fides, but how desperate are the Redskins?

As for the lawsuits, well, people did make long-term commitments, and, to a large degree, a deal's a deal. But, then again, there's the old Chinese proverb that says that you don't always win by being right all the time. In the case of the bankrupt 72 year-old real estate agent, perhaps the Redskins could have picked their spots a bit better as to how to make up their revenue shortfall, especially since they play in the largest (and perhaps hardest to get to) stadium in the NFL.

While the Giants, despite their loss to the Saints yesterday, are formidable, the Eagles are struggling (owing, in some part, to injuries on the offensive line and to their starting middle linebacker), and the Cowboys don't seem poised to make a deep run in the playoffs with a) Tony Romo as their starting quarterback and b) a lack of weapons on offense. So, you would have thought that with his big bucks owner Daniel Snyder could help get the Redskins into a position to contend in the NFC East. Instead, they're having all sorts of problems all over the place.

How do things get this bad? Especially, seemingly, with all the money in the world.

All sports owners should remember that fans do vote with their feet, either because of a bad team, a bad economy, or both.

Even in the NFL.


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