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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Temple Owls are 4-2 and Have Their First 4-Game Winning Streak Since the Beginning of Ronald Reagan's Second Term

Read all about it here.

You have to believe that if the Owls have a winning season and even go to a bowl game that head coach Al Golden will get more feelers than he did last year, when he was a serious candidate for the UCLA job. He's working wonders on North Broad Street, and those wonders will get him noticed.

From a personal standpoint, it's great to see the revival of Temple football. My father played there generations ago, and I spent a good part of weekend Saturdays going to games at the old Temple Stadium, Vet Stadium and even Franklin Field. It's been hard for the Owls to find a following. Philadelphia is an Eagles' town, and since Penn joined the Ivies in the mid-1950's Philadelphia hasn't had big-time college football (which it did with Penn before that). Because of its size, the quality of its program and its huge alumni base, Penn State overshadows Temple, Villanova and Penn combined in Philadelphia. With all that, Al Golden has excelled, and Temple football is much healthier than it's been for a long time.


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