Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ryan Howard and Lou Gehrig

The Phillies' first baseman tied the Yankee Hall of Famer's record for knocking in runs in nine straight post-season games.

Howard is inked through 2011. If he keeps hitting at this pace, there will be quite the bidding war for his services. Given their lack of a big-name hitter (which they'll need to rectify before 2011), you can imagine that the Red Sox will be among the bidders for what could be an astronomical contract. Great temperament, heats up when the going is the toughest, improved vastly at first base.

When the clock strikes September, this guy finds an extra gear.


rakeback said...

Considering his MVP, impressive home run stats, his World Series ring, and his unparalleled post-season production its fair to assume he will get Alex Rodriguez type money.

SportsProf said...

I tend to agree. A friend who's a Cards fan told me that Albert Pujols is a free agent after the 2010 season. Since there aren't that many teams with a big enough vault to open to land Pujols, you have to believe that the Red Sox will go after him hard. If they were to land him, then the number of teams after the 2011 season able or willing to pursue Howard would drop, because unless either the Yankees or BoSox were to want Howard as a DH, both might pass (although I'd tend to doubt it). Even if that type of "pass" were to be the case, then the Cards would need someone to replace Pujols. They might not have a choice but to open up the vault for a native son like Howard, although the Phillies probably could beat back a challenge from the Cards. Most likely, it's the Yankees and Red Sox they're worried about.