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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Jeff Garcia Further Compels the View that Oakland is Jokeland

Read here and see what I mean.

Garcia was critical of the atmosphere in Oakland, but he didn't throw starting QB JaMarcus Russell, he of the 39 or so QB rating, under the bus.

That was left for Peter King of Sports Illustrated, who offered in a short blurb that he thinks tha Russell could be the next Ryan Leaf.

Which, of course, points out a major flaw in the scouting systems of NFL teams -- how could so many people be so wrong -- including Mel Kiper, Jr. -- in their rating of players. All had Russell very highly rated. And all blundered.

There has to be a very smart team of people out there who can create tests for those eligible for the draft and get a sense from their answers as to whether they'll perform well in the NFL or not. Just because someone can throw the ball 85 yards on his pro day doesn't mean that he can throw an eight-yard slant accurately when behind by four points with 1:17 to go, the ball on his own 35 yard-line and the other team's very fast defensive end flying in his face.

Oakland would have been better off with Jeff Garcia as its starting QB.


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