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Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Will MLB Subject Phillies' Fans To Tonight?

Last year, there was a two-hour rain delay for Game 3 of the World Series followed by the debacle that was the two-part Game 5. Today, the forecast for Philadelphia is a high of 41, a low of 36, and intermittent rain. The last thing that anyone wants to do is to sit in a rainstorm for 3+ hours watching baseball. So. . .

I am headed out to local sporting goods stores today to look for the following: rain pants, warmers (the packets that heat up when exposed to air) and panchos to put over our warm weather gear. It's not quite cold enough to wear thermal gear, but with winds gusting from 10-20 miles per hour, it's darn close. Sounds like I'm preparing more to sit for hours in a deer blind than I am to watch baseball.

The sad reality is that Fox drives this as much as Major League Baseball, which means that there is some likelihood that we'll get dragged down to South Philadelphia only to a) have the game postponed, which means we'll already have paid for parking and perhaps some concessions or b) we'll get there, they'll play 4 1/2 innings, and then they'll postpone the game, meaning that we'll have to readjust our schedules for Monday to go back down to Citizens Bank Park to watch Part II (and deal with traffic for the Bruce Springsteen concert at the Spectrum as well).

So, c'mon Phillies, Major League Baseball and Fox -- do something sensible before people have to leave the warmth of their own homes to venture out into the could soup that is a Nor'Easter.


Blogger Chad said...

They told us up here in NY that both Yankees games were going to be canceled. Both games were played, and the rain was very light. Don't listen to the meteorologists, but do wear the thermals!

Chad D

12:03 PM  
Blogger SportsProf said...

Thanks, Chad.

Went to Dick's and bought a Columbia rain suit for $12.99 on clearance. The rain pants will come in handy. Also bought the hand and foot warmers, and we have outdoor UnderArmour and our winter jackets. We're also taking newspapers to sit on to provide additional insulation (as well as hats, gloves, scarves, etc.). Going to wear the hunting shoes and wool socks, something that I don't normally plan to do at a baseball game.

I was in NY yesterday and it was brisk but not wet. In Pennsylvania it rained, and, at times, pretty hard, so the fronts are hitting different regions differently.

Wish us good luck!

12:54 PM  

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