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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Indians Made a Great Choice

I like Manny Acta. He didn't have much talent in Washington, but his teams played hard. If GM Mark Shapiro can get Acta enough talent, the Indians should be able to challenge in the AL Central. Given what I've seen in the AL Central, any team that makes the investment should be able to challenge for the title. From what I've read, the Royals are a dark horse to contend for that division's title next year.

Look, not every manager does well in his first gig. Terry Francona skippered an undermanned Phillies' team before Larry Bowa replaced him, and he learned enough to morph into a manager of world champions. Okay, so the BoSox provided him with sufficient talent, but he managed well enough to win two World Series. Acta is a good manager -- Indians' fans will be happy with the choice.


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