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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ron Darling Didn't Do His Homework

And you'd think he would, since he went to Yale.

He praised the Phillies' bench last night as being excellent. Phillies' fans know that the bench has been a weakness all year.

He praised Matt Stairs as being a good power hitter off the bench and Greg Dobbs as being a good average hitter. Actually, both had bad years.

Was it me, or was the TBS team just not very good. They didn't seem to know the Phillies all that well, and there was miscue after miscue. Buck Martinez gets a passing grade, but Darling seemed unprepared and Chip Caray didn't seem quite ready for the prime time.

While historically I haven't been the biggest fan of the Fox pairing of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, I thought they did a good job in last year's World Series, and those guys do their homework.


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