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Friday, November 12, 2010

Thoughts on the Celtics, Heat

So, the Celtics beat the Heat for the second time this year last night, the Heat aren't dominating, the Heat have lost 3 of their last four, and, well, a funny thing is happening on the way to the Heat's eclipsing Bill Russell's Boston Celtics, the 1966-1967 Wilt Chamberlain 76ers and all of Michael Jordan's Bulls teams.

Other teams are getting in the way. But, if you believe that the Heat is the evil empire and you're happy to see them stumble, don't get giddy. And, if you're a Celtics' fan (or a Lakers' fan), don't get giddy, either. And, if you're a Heat fan, don't get depressed. It's a young season.

Patience seems to be one of the most rare commodities, especially in professional sports or even in the workplace, for that matter. But letting things play out, letting things grow, letting things, well, mature, is the art of the best managers. Sure, they have a sense of urgency, but everything cannot go from 0 to 60 in a heartbeat, and you cannot construct a high rise overnight. Similarly, you cannot expect the choreography of the Heat to be perfect given that none of those guys played together before early this fall. The meshing of the Heat will take some time.

Sure, the Celtics right now can act like the Old Masters with the young conductor (so mix a metaphor between oil paintings and symphonies), and, yes, the Lakers can be chomping at the bit waiting to defend their reputation, which they (rightfully) believe the media and others have dissed because of the assembly of the team to end all teams. The Celtics, though, will have to get their aging bodies up and down the floor 82 times during the regular season and countless times in the playoffs, and that pace could take its toll. Perhaps wine and scotch get better with age, but there are marginal returns for sports teams after they've aged too long. As for the Lakers, well, they're more intriguing, and, if the Heat were to mature into the team that everyone projected them to be, well, a Lakers-Heat NBA final could be one for the ages.

So, don't get too manic about the Celtics having one last day in the sun just yet. And don't get too giddy if you're a Heat hater that the Heat will be the biggest flop since the Titanic. And, yes, if you're a Heat fan, don't get too upset, because you're team has a chance to put it together, get into high gear and still lap most of the rest of the league. You can say that -- fans of about half the league's teams went into the season with little or no hope and will emerge from it the same way.

The season is young.

Patience is a virtue.

All NBA fans should remember that.

Especially in November.


Blogger Michael said...

True, patience is a virtue, but patience and 82 games makes for a boring winter. Overreaction is the only thing which will get us through the slog.

I think it comes down to the Chris Bosh signing killing the team. He doesn't add any dimensions to the team.

If David Stern was smart, he'd get the Sixers to trade Iggy* to the Heat in exchange for winning the next two draft lotteries. :)

11:10 AM  

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