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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Penn State Football: The Prognosticators Were Right (In the End)

Penn State supporters were horrified at the thought that their beloved Nittany Lions were a two-plus touchdown underdog to Ohio State when their team traveled to the Horseshoe yesterday.

They were elated at halftime, when the visiting team led their hosts, 14-3. Take that, Las Vegas, and take that, Ohio State.

But games aren't won at half time, of course, and the Buckeyes stormed back with 35 -- yes, that's not a misprint -- 35 unanswered points to topple their guest from Happy Valley, 38-14.

It took a while, but the handicappers were right. Ohio State was just that much better than Penn State.

There is some small measure of solace, though, for Penn State fans. At least they weren't Indiana fans, and at least their team didn't have to play Wisconsin, who beat the Hoosiers, 83-20. Yes, that's not a misprint, either, and no, this was not a game about which team could shoot better from behind the arc, either.


Blogger Michael said...

Wasn't Temple up on Penn State 13-8 at the half?

11:59 AM  

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