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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hats Off to the Giants!

The Giants finished off their amazing post-season run by finishing off the Texas Rangers in 5 games, thanks to great pitching and excellent hitting by, among others, Aubrey Huff and Series MVP Edgar Renteria, who got the game-winning hit in the 1997 Series and again last night.

It's the Giants first title since moving to SF in 1958 and their first World Series victory since the New York Giants beat the Cleveland Indians in 1954. The guy patrolling center field for that team was named Willie Mays, one of the all-time greats.

This team has, perhaps (because time will tell) one position player (the mature-beyond-his-years catcher Buster Posey) who has the potential to be remembered long beyond his playing days (although Edgar Renteria's post-season feats will be remembered for along time). Still, the Giants were a combination of parts whose sum far exceeded the whole, in terms of production, leadership and relaxation on the field. And let's not forget the skipper, Bruce Bochy, who won his first WS in 16 years of managing. Another great job.

They don't need many excuses for a good party in San Francisco, and the Giants gave the citizens one of the best reasons of all.


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