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Monday, November 01, 2010

On Randy Moss: The NFL's Reaction to Its Version of "Manny Being Manny"

The Vikings cut Randy Moss today.

Battle with the management and coaching staff of one team in one season, and impartial observers might say that the situation wasn't a good fit.

Battle with the management and coaching staff of two teams within one month of the same season, and, well, you have a fitting in problem.

In baseball, they might tolerate you if, say, you can hit .400 over the last half of the season, like Manny Ramirez did in 2008 after quitting on the Boston Red Sox. In football, where teamwork and chemistry is much more important, and, when your career is in decline, they'll tell you to hit the road.

And they'll wish you luck finding a spot with your next team.

In Buffalo.


Blogger Michael said...

Moss to the Bengals?

Think about it, then love it.

11:52 AM  

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