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Monday, November 08, 2010

Bad Week for Princeton Football

Our Penn grad friend from New Orleans prompted part of this one, but only if he knew the entire story.

First, last Tuesday, former Tiger co-captain Bob Ehrlich '79 lost in his attempt to regain the Maryland governor's residence against the man who beat him in 2006, Martin O'Malley.

Second, former Tiger first-team all-Ivy punter Ken Buck '81 lost in his attempt to win a U.S. Senate seat in Colorado.

Third, nearby rival Penn crushed the Tigers, 52-10, in Franklin Field, the Ivy football equivalent of the Republicans' gaining 60 seats in the House of Representatives. Penn was up 28-0 after one quarter, and the Tigers had no answer. Princeton fans were hoping for a Browns-over-Patriots type of upset, but instead they got a Giants-over-Seattle type of shellacking. Sportswriters used to use the verb "shellack" more often say four decades ago, but while I wasn't there, the newspaper accounts told me enough to know that "shellacked," "throttled" and "trounced" would be apt descriptions.

Of course, Penn fans might seek to add insult to injury by offering that Ehrlich and Buck were the only Republicans (seemingly) to lose on Election Day, but Ehrlich faced an uphill battle in a highly Democratic state and Buck was battling an incumbent. The races that those former teammates faced weren't exactly of the Christine O'Donnell-Chris Coons variety.

But, back to the gridiron, well, it was a sad day in Tigertown and, fortunately for the Tigers, only about a 1-hour bus ride back to Old Nassau.


Blogger Escort81 said...

I thought the Tigers were at home against Penn. Of course, that makes the rout all the more painful.

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was at P-ton.

Given all these references, literal and by analogy to Republican winners and losers, it makes me wonder if Sportsprof did what Republican hero Ronald Reagan used to do as a sportscaster. He read scores off the wire and recreated the play-by-play as if it was live. Looks like Sportsprof wasn't on hallowed Princeton grounds for this drubbing.

Still he's no faker in his fine commentaries, and I applaud his bi-partisanship, even if he roots for Republicans who are Princetonians first. I'd just rather not have a Penn victory analogized to the Republican takeover of the House.

But we definitely agree that the wingnuts are not our cup of tea.

NS New Orleans

2:18 PM  

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