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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If Donovan McNabb is Worth a $78 Million Extension, with $40 Million Guaranteed, Then Michael Vick. . .


a) worth at least that.

b) worth double that.

c) about to become as rich as Warren Buffett.

d) about to have Fort Knox deeded over to him.

e) about to set a record for being the highest paid quarterback. . . ever.

f) making one of the most amazing turnarounds in the history of sports.

g) going to give the Eagles a "hometown" discount when they re-sign him, so instead of giving his taking $100 million guaranteed, he'll take only $95 million guaranteed from the Birds.

h) going to have Lincoln Financial Field renamed Michael Vick Stadium, after he i) leads the Eagles to their first Super Bowl ever, ii) gets the richest contract for a QB ever and iii) as part of the deal, gets stadium naming rights.

Break open the checkbook, as the Eagles dismantled the Redskins, who, ironically, announced a big contract extension for Donovan McNabb on a night where the Redskins looked, well, like the Dallas Cowboys (at least before the way they played on Sunday against the Giants).


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