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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Josh McDaniels Film Festival


Why tape the 49ers' practice?

I have a few theories:

1. Desperation.
2. Stupidity.
3. Ignorance.
4. You want to get inside the heads of all opponents, getting them thinking that you might know their schemes better than they do.

Slow news days, perhaps, for the NFL, which is usually pretty good about grabbing hold of the highlights for what takes place on the field (either good plays or discipline for bad ones).

Read the article and see what you think.

That said, if I'm one of the leaders of the players' association, I have to draw this conclusion about the owners -- they all have plenty of money, witness extra dollars to pay the guy to videotape the practice and witness all of the people standing around on the sidelines during a game. That suggests that they Lords of Football could leave more of the profits behind for the players, particularly to take care of those who don't make a ton during their careers and suffer life-altering injuries in their mid-twenties, all for the greater glory of the entertainment dollar.


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