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Sunday, September 14, 2008

USC: The Reason L.A. Doesn't Need an NFL Team

#1 USC 35

#5 Ohio State 3.

One team looked like a Ferrari.

The other one looked like a part-time middle school lunch room aide's 12 year-old Camry ready for a makeover on Pimp My Ride.

Of course, USC isn't an NFL team, but the Trojans are one of the elite college football programs and seemingly re-load with the best national talent every year. Last night's game was proof as to how good they are -- they lived up to the hype. Given all the excitement around USC's program, why would Los Angeles need an NFL team?

The Trojans have more than enough glitter and grab enough headlines to make fans in Southern California not even think about it.

Of course, had the Raiders not left years ago, they could have JaMarcus Russell and company looking like, well, Ohio State did last night, only on a weekly basis. And if that were the quality of football presented in Los Angeles, the Raiders might not draw better than the best CIF football teams, let alone USC.


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