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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The NFC East

Is it unreasonable to argue that the best four teams in the NFC are all in the NFC East?

Giants: 3-0.
Cowboys: 3-1.
Redskins: 3-1.
Eagles 2-1 (playing the Bears in Chicago tonight).

The Redskins beat Dallas in Dallas today, and the Eagles gave the Cowboys all they could handle down there a few weeks ago. This despite the fact that all pundits are still calling for the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl, based upon a combination of talent, size and speed. That prediction still might hold, but I would submit that the two wild card teams from this conference will come from this division.

And the last-place team might end up having as good a record as one of the teams that wins one of the three other NFC divisions.

They can call the NFC North the "Black and Blue" division all they want.

What should they call the NFC East?

The NFC Best?

The NFC Beast?

The rest of the season should be very interesting.


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