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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Everything's Up to Date in Oklahoma City

The NBA's Thunder have sold out all of their season tickets (13,000) in five days. They will allocate 4,000 tickets for single-game sales. That's pretty amazing, and the NBA should be happy to be in a city that wants a franchise so badly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang- that was quick! Apparently the people in Seattle will now realize why the franchise had to move. I live in Milwaukee, and way too many people here don't appreciate the team anymore. I don't blame them and sure hope Skiles gets Milwaukee back on track and back to the Playoffs (and further than the 1st round!).

Also (shameless plug warning), I've been writing a UWM (that's University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee!) Hoops blog for about a year- check it out:

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