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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is Penn State Really the Fifth Best Team in the Nation?

So say the polls. What do you say?

Of course, the amusing aspect of this Penn State team is that the gridlock over picking a successor to Joe Paterno will continue should the Nittany Lions get a bid to a BCS bowl game. On the one hand, should the Nittany Lions do just that, it would be a great time for Joe Paterno to go out on top. On the other hand, Coach Paterno would probably use this season's record as a compelling argument that he should remain as head coach.

For right now, all Penn State alums and fans are happy with the team's performance, and this group hasn't had a lot to cheer for in the past ten years. They're a good and loyal group, hearty Pennsylvanians, and, for them, as with most fans, winning causes them to forget about other serious issues facing the football program.


Anonymous Phil the Brit said...


I believe Woody Hayes used to refer to the games Ohio State played before its Big Ten schedule as their 'exhibition season'.

A team that's 5-0 over its last five games should be taken a tad more seriously than one that goes 5-0 over its first five games, that's for sure.

That said, with Michigan where they are and Ohio State with a blowout loss behind them already, Penn State has a chance to be unbeaten going into its bowl game.

Whether this says more about the state of the Big Ten than the strength of Penn State, I'll leave you to judge.

8:29 AM  

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